Don has  advised over 5,670 local advertisers in 90-plus different cities in every state except Alaska and in every conceivable category from attorneys to zoo’s.

His book, How To Increase Measurable Results, features his “14 Rules of The Guru” to help you write ads that dramatically improve your chances of a favorable R.O.I.

He also worked for the U.S. State Department to teach advertising and marketing skills  in Romania, Zimbabwe, Bosnia, and Nepal.

Fantastic references! Since 1998 I have been employed by Jim Doyle & Associates of Sarasota, Florida (call them at 941-926-7355) as one of the company’s team of road warriors, and have consulted thousands of  local advertisers nationwide. I’m now abandoning the lifestyle of planes and hotels to be focused on improving ROI for local business owners and managers advertising in nearby Hartford and Springfield.