I am always personally available to you by phone.

Once we start working with you, I use several of the best freelance experts in  TV, radio, cable, photography, video, print, web design, and social media.

This allows me to act as a full-service ad agency or simply as a consultant monitoring all of your marketing. It also keeps my overhead down and thus your costs down as well.

Keep in mind, I only specialize in local business marketing and preferably only in New England. I am quite good working with budgets in the range of $5,000 to $25,000 a month in a market your size.

Just call me and we’ll take some time on the phone to be sure it sounds like I can really be of help. This is free.

If we agree that I may be able to help you, the next step is a Q and A session.

This is a 2-hour consultation. Preferably, it occurs in person, with me asking questions at your business, and ideally includes a tour of your business.

Then I will write up a proposal for your consideration.

I can either provide the proposal to your existing advisors at a small, one-time fee, and let them execute the plan, or I can become your agency and execute all details for you.

The fees for acting as your agency vary widely based on your particular situation. I can quote this upfront after we’ve reviewed my proposed suggestions, and there’s no cost to you for that proposal.

Very often, a media outlet will pay a 15% commission directly to an ad agency and my cost to you becomes little or nothing. There are exceptions and we will cover them before any campaign starts to ensure you understand the exact budget required to get the results you want.


Contact: Don@guruofads.com   Cell 508 341 0193